Joining Forces for a Sustainable Future

There are many, many people thinking and working towards a sustainable future. This initiative is intended to bring us all together.
  • Mission - Petitioning Congress
    The primary mission of Planet Jordan is to help move this country towards a sustainable future.
  • Why Now?
    We no longer have the luxury of pondering whether global warming is happening or not.
  • Solutions
    In order to change our impact on the environment, we have to change what we do. Changing what we do is Economics.
  • Proposed Amendments
    This first amendment is a mandate (like a balanced budget amendment) for the nation to maintain an adequate water supply; in perpetuity.
  • Article V of the U.S. Constitution
    Amending the Constitution of the United States.
  • Links
    Pertinent conservation and economic sites.
  • E-mail Proposal
    A way for many individuals to endorse the idea of national sustainable policy.
  • Contact Us

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