Joining Forces for a Sustainable Future


The primary mission of Planet Jordan is to help move this country towards a sustainable future. Now. In order to achieve meaningful change, we need to combine our passion and resources and focus them towards specific goals. Here, we propose solutions to U.S. and World problems. It is a Team Concept. As individuals, everything we do is important, but what we do together can truly shape the future.

To these ends, we will be working with many others, perhaps you, to forge strong, hard-copy proposals to amend the US Constitution towards a realistic future. At present, there is an e-mail proposal. Endorsing this proposal Definitely Helps, but it is, most likely, not an end in itself. This is a journey. We will need the persistent presence of all of us to succeed in redefining this democracy.

The US Constitution is a brilliant piece of work. However, it is ludicrous to believe that it is fully capable of dealing with present-day realities. In the two hundred twenty years since it was adopted, the world population has increased eight fold, and the US population must have increased thirty to a hundred fold. In 1787 there were no cars, no radios, no TVs, no electrical power, no computers, no internet; none of the technological norms that define our world today. The world population / environmental crisis, which define this moment in time, did not exist, even in the imagination of Ben Franklin. A movement to amend the constitution is long overdue.

If you believe, as I do, that we are in the midst of a global ecological crisis, then I urge you to sign the e-mail proposal and add your thoughts to those presented on this website. lf you are on the fence regarding Man's impact on the environment, then I urge you to read the documents in “Why Now” and see Al Gore’s movie, "An Inconvenient Truth". Regardless of your environmental persuasion, the vast majority of Americans will benefit from the economic proposals on this website.

I want to underscore a crucial point here: This is not about politics or money or superfluous ‘power’. I truly believe we are at a critical point in this population / environmental crisis. By facing these issues head on, we can give our kids hope. Lives with a purpose; all of us working together towards a sustainable future.