July 2008

How deep does the rabbit hole really go?

Every time I dig for the truth I realize that the controlling economic forces are far more omnipresent, insidious and unaccountable than I can truly comprehend. Those that have been thoroughly corrupted by power and greed have become blind to the connected nature of all life on Earth. There are synaptic pathways in their brains that may never again be accessible. Still, I'm praying for them to wake up to their own "Scrooge Moment" and, like it was Christmas morning, shift all their resources towards sustainability. (T. Boone Pickens, George Soros, and Warren Buffet might be the beginning of this unlikely phenomenon)

Till that miracle occurs, be wary of any information disseminated and / or financed by Exxon Mobil and the fossil fuel industry, Halliburton and the war for profit industry, Fox News and the news for profit networks, The Pharmaceutical industry, GM and the auto makers, George Bush, Dick Cheney and all members of the current administration as well as many members of Congress. For higher quality BS, and less of it, try C-Span, NPR and PBS, the BBC, independent media sources such as Free Speech TV, The Huffington Post and independent news papers, Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressmen Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

In 1979 Jimmy Carter initiated a national energy policy to have more than 20% of our energy from renewable sources by the year 2000. He put solar panels on the White House. When Ronald Reagan took office, he promptly removed those and handed our country back to the oil companies and the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower had cautioned us against. (not that they ever really let us "have" the country)

In 1996, in response to California Clean Air Legislation, fully electric cars were on the road in California with the supportive infrastructure initiated. The Bush administration, along with the oil companies and car manufacturers, sued the state of California. All those electric cars have been recalled and subsequently crushed. The patents are now owned by the oil companies. The technologies supported by this administration, ethanol and hydrogen fuel cell cars, are slight of hand tricks to keep the profits in the hands of the oil companies. Increased corn-based ethanol production is very unsound environmentally and economically. And the hydrogen fuel-cell cars may never really arrive, and they may never surpass the fully electric cars produced in 1996 in terms of overall environmental footprint. The Japanese Water (HHO) Car may be a leap in the right direction. Regardless, conservation is by far, the #1 priority of any rational energy policy. That should be repeated, conservation is the #1 priority of any rational energy policy.

What I believe it will take to rescue the United States economy and help lead the world towards a peaceful, sustainable global community is a "New Deal for the 21st Century". Instead of retrofitting auto factories for tank production, we will be retrofitting our entire infrastructure to a sustainable environmentally-based infrastructure. I am personally preparing to assist in job training programs and helping people to live a "simpler" lifestyle. Once this begins it will be remarkably easy to assimilate. The intellectual resources in this country are vast and comprehensive in this regard: Environmental Economic "Monsters", Lester Brown and William McDonough just for starters. We will also need a new approach to justice. As more and more information regarding the usurpation of the US resources and reputation for private gain surfaces, we will have to hold our current President, Vice President, House Speaker, several corporations and many co-conspirators accountable. We need to innovate here. Throughout history when the "good guys" have ousted the "bad guys", the good guys have turned into the bad guys. - If you have to become evil to fight evil, then evil wins… - The time is coming to offer amnesty for restitution and the truth, and a return to representative democracy. To be the purveyors of real justice we will need to remember that any of us might have succumbed to the trappings of enormous wealth and the illusions of "power".

Before this administration leaves office, they will most likely incite an incident with Iran to keep their hold on the public consciousness. Watch out for that. Lawyers for the international community may already be preparing to file suit against Bush and Cheney for war crimes.

After repeatedly reviewing tapes of the 9/11 building collapses, my opinion as a physicist is that there is only a very small probability that they came down from something other than a controlled demolition…

We have been lied to from the highest levels of government and business all the way down to our living rooms. "They" have controlled the flow of money and information at a level beyond what any fiction writer could conceive. None of us really knows the whole truth of anything. Period.

What we do know is that what we do matters. If we keep believing and working towards a rational sustainable society we just might get there.

"All of us together under the same sun."