March 29, 2008

Dear Friend,

The world's scientists are calling for immediate and urgent action on global warming. The good news is that we have the science, technologies and policies necessary to stop it. What's needed is action by concerned people like you and me.

That's why I've joined with Al Gore and others across the country and around the world who want to halt global warming.

We're on the verge of being over one million strong and I'm asking you to join us. Please bring up the site below now to become part of the solution to global warming:

We need to come together and demand our leaders take the steps necessary to ensure our children and their children have a positive future. That's why I'm asking you to get involved today:

Together, we can stop global warming.

The points of view represented on this website are mostly those of a scientific artist / changeologist.

"Change is the future, and the Future is change."

Environomics 101/Stimulus Notes (PDF added March 2009)

Letter to John Obama and Barack McCain (video – added October 2008)

Hopes for the Next President (Added October 2008)

"How deep does the rabbit hole really go?" (Added July 2008)

Time for Plan B
(Earth Policy Institute)
(The Alliance for Climate Protection)

Constitutional Initiative article (Added February 2008)

The documents contained herein address elements essential to ‘realistic’ legislative action regarding a sustainable future.

What would probably help America more than anything, is for the next President to possess the intelligence and experiences required to understand the connected nature of our very existence, and the courage to overcome the economic and political inertia that keep the same foolishly disconnected power brokers running our world on Fossil Fuels.

Alright I know ... and leap tall buildings in a single bound...
Be that as it may, this is about possibilities and not about assigning blame.
"Virtually all of us are vulnerable to the corruption of an overabundance of wealth."

However; Transitioning to sustainable economic machinery would be made infinitely simpler if the profits from the fossil fuel economy provided the finances. (This idea may have far-reaching karmic potential...)

Where do we go from here? "The Earth is Speaking, we just have to listen"

"In order to change our impact on the environment, we have to change what we do. Changing what we do is Economics."

The best ideas I'm aware of are in Lester R Brown's book: Plan B 2.0 ( And William McDonough.

There are also many films and documentaries regarding global warming; Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" is an excellent overview of the evidence. (

Here are links to practical energy saving solutions, and well developed environmental/economic resources.


Jordan Macarus

P.S. If come November 2008 you wind up dissatisfied with the presidential candidates, write me in.