Joining Forces for a Sustainable Future

About Jordan Macarus

Jordan Macarus graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Physics in 1987. As an undergraduate, he supervised the completion of a 300 ton neutrino detector at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Partly a result of adopting a coyote in 1986, his focus shifted from pursuing space travel to clarifying the impact of economics on the environment. At that time, he believed we were entering an era of unprecedented ecological stress. His graduate school proposal in 1987 was to make a computer model of the planet as a cell and, with input from economists, physicists, biologists, ecologists, and chemists, create the matrix equations that could link the causes to the effects, regarding economics and the environment.

After discussing the possibility with two Universities, he opted to go back to work before racking up any more loans. Being a good three dimensional chess player with a lingering post-adolescent case of “John Wayne Syndrome,” he went from being a part time bouncer at rock concerts and bars to Manpower Coordinator for the largest security and crowd management contractor in the Midwest.

He walked away from that career shortly after Woodstock 94', went back to school and started teaching high school Physics and Chemistry. Throughout these and many other endeavors he continued to predict and monitor changes in ecological structures. By 1998 he felt that the loss of habitats such as the rain forests and wetlands, along with increasing levels of toxins and other pollutants were destroying ecosystems in places all over the world. The phytoplankton numbers were decreasing, while human population levels continued to increase exponentially. He predicted more mutations in the microbial community; more viruses and resistant strains of bacteria from unmeasured and unmeasurable elements at the lower levels of the food chain.

His predictions regarding habitat destruction, species extinction and human health issues were, unfortunately, proving true. Even more unfortunate was that the rate of change was faster than expected. (Global Warming is the most likely catalyst). Feeling that the global ecological balance was beginning to get out of control, and increasingly difficult to counteract, Jordan began to promote his ideas for sustainable ecological and economic practices. He applied for the copyrights on "A Water Based Economy" and "Schools for Planetary Maintenance," and published an internet proposal for elemental legislation that could help initiate a shift towards sustainable economic policies.

Along the way he interviewed twice with the CIA, and as a musician produced six compact discs and one vinyl record. He is considered by his fans to be a conscientious rock artist. His current album project is titled, "The Earth is Speaking, We just have to Listen." Recently he co-produced two 1 minute TV commercials: The one titled "National Sustainable Policy" got its first airing 12/12/07, far from major markets.

Jordan Macarus is uniquely qualified to discuss the bigger pictures with passion, experience and rationality. He is an artist and a scientist, a teacher and a leader. Someone who can address questions without prejudice or the trappings of affiliation. Someone who can help bring people, science, and nature together.